Life Insurance Calculator

  • Calculate how much cover you might need.
  • If you have loved ones, it will consider how much money they may need to get by without you.
  • If you have debts or a mortgage, it will consider how much might be needed to pay them off.
  • Won't help you decide how long you need cover for or the type of cover required.
  • Does not provide a specific personal recommendation and should not be taken as advice. We explain our calculations so you can adjust the figures for your personal circumstances.
  • It doesn't take account of any changes in your cover requirements over time - things like inflation and mortgage repayment may impact the amount of cover you need.

Life insurance can provide a one-off lump sum of money if you die during the plan term or are diagnosed with a terminal illness before the last 12 months of the plan term and your life expectancy is less than 12 months. But remember there is no cash-in value at any time.

The assumptions used to provide the estimate cover amount are based upon information available in 2015.

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